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Fittings & Authorizing


Our Installation and Commissioning services tackle project peculiar requirements and include the configuration, installation and verification of positioned systems as unit of the general, remaining ICT network and infrastructure.

Aiding by extensive skills acquired through the implementation of several turnkey projects across Liberia, BBTELL has provided significant proficient in the installation and commissioning of wide scale ICT based technology systems and framework.

The Corporation machinery and commissioning unit works jointly with manufacturing and integration partners as well as big end users of ICT products to prioritize, suggest and carryout the deployment of hardware and application components both in existing ICT framework and as a new stand-alone system, certifying that the calculated results are attained at least cost and in the smallest time possible.

Post the installation process, the crew’s carryout thorough commissioning exercises including different technical and diagnostic tests to confirm response times, performance parameters, output considerations and other to verify that all codes and protocols are loaded and functioning well.

The Process

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